Proactive Disclosure, IPC Policies, Contracts


The IPC publishes information regarding investigations, presentations and conferences incurred by the Commissioner and staff of the OIPC.  This will be updated on an annual basis.  The charts below do not reflect travel for investigative work, presentations made or conferences attended where an expense was not incurred by the OIPC.

For a further breakdown of the expense of each presentation please click on the ‘Notes’ section once you have clicked on, and are directed to, the links below.


Workshop 2017-09-19 Canadian Bar Association
Presentation 2018-02-05 SUMA
Presentation 2017-09-12 Advocate for Child and Youth
Presentation 2017-10-25 Battle River Treaty 6 Health Centre
Presentation 2017-11-09 Saskatchewan Teacher’s Convention
Presentation 2017-11-06 University of Regina, School of Journalism
Intra-City Travel 2018-02-06
Intra-City Travel 2017-05-25
Intra-City Travel 2017-10-11
Intra-City Travel 2017-10-25
Conference 2017-05-16 MLT Labour Update
Conference 2017-05-10 Sask Connections
Conference 2018-02-01 CBA Mid Winter meeting
Conference 2017-10-15 FPT


Workshop 2017-01-19 Canadian Bar Association
Workshop 2017-01-17 Canadian Bar Association
Workshop 2016-11-10 Electronic Records Management Course
Workshop 2016-09-12 J & T First Aid Consulting Inc
Workshop 2016-08-29 J & T First Aid Consulting Inc
Workshop 2016-08-24 J & T First Aid Consulting Inc
Workshop 2016-05-04 Law Society of Sask
Workshop 2016-04-11 CBA Privacy South Section Luncheon
Webinar 2016-08-08 Dos and Don’ts related to Information Security and Data Privacy
Presentation 2016-11-30 HUB Steering Committee Chairs
Presentation 2016-10-21 Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists
Presentation 2016-05-06 Sask. Assoc. of Speech-language Pathologists AGM
Investigative Work 2016-09-02
Intra-City Travel 2017-01-18
Intra-City Travel 2016-11-21
Intra-City Travel 2016-10-28
Intra-City Travel 2016-10-25
Intra-City Travel 2016-10-20
Intra-City Travel 2016-10-04
Intra-City Travel 2016-09-15
Intra-City Travel 2016-08-08 #2
Intra-City Travel 2016-08-08
Intra-City Travel 2016-07-26
Intra-City Travel 2016-05-17
Intra-City Travel 2016-03-11
Intra-City Travel 2016-01-28
Conference 2017-02-08 Reboot Conference
Conference 2017-02-06 Investigator’s Conference
Conference 2016-11-01 FPT
Conference 2016-06-05 ehealth
Conference 2016-05-31 MLT Labour Update
Conference 2016-04-25 CBA Administrative Law Spring Seminar
Conference 2016-05-10 Sask Connections


Workshop 2016-03-08 Access And Privacy Issues With The Alberta IPC
Workshop 2016-01-28 Arma Email Management
Workshop 2015-11-04 Sask Archives Operational Records Training
Workshop 2015-09-22 Crucial Conversations
Workshop 2015-10-20 Negotiation Training
Workshop 2015-04-28 Update On Privacy And Access Law
Webinar 2016-03-24 CBA Defend Your Data
Webinar 2015-11-18 Law Society Social Media And Privacy
Taxi Travel 2015-12-08
Taxi Travel 2015-10-22
Taxi Travel 2015-04-20
Presentation 2015-12-02 P HIPA Connections Summit
Presentation 2015-10-17 Opticians
Presentation 2015-06-23 FOIP And LA FOIP Exemption Rollout
Presentation 2015-09-13 Pharmacy Privacy Officers
Presentation 2015-06-10 Access And Privacy Conference
Presentation 2015-06-01 FOIP and LA FOIP Exemption Rollout
Presentation 2015-05-28 Suma
Presentation 2015-05-13 Luthercare Communities
Investigative Work 2015-11-15
Intra City Travel 2015-12-10
Intra City Travel 2015-10-28
Intra City Travel 2015-06-22
Intra City Travel 2015-06-15
Intra City Travel 2015-05-12
Intra City Travel 2015-05-01
Intra City Travel 2015-04-13
Contract 2016-06-17 Bravo Tango
Conference 2016-02-04 CBA Mid Winter Meeting
Conference 2015-10-05 FPT
Conference 2015-06-02 Mlt Labour Update
Conference 2015-05-05 Saskatchewan Connections


Workshop 2015-03-09 CBA Ethics And Civility In Practice
Workshop 2015-02-23 How To Investigate
Workshop 2015-01-21 Sask Archives Operational Records Schedule
Travel Expense 2015-02-09 OPC Consultative Meetings
Research 2014-08-05 Researching Case File Management System
Intra City Travel 2014-11-13 Meeting At Las
Intra City Travel 2014-09-30 Attended Rtk Event
Intra City Travel 2014-09-23 To 25 Workshop Resolving Conflict Constructively
Intra City Travel 2014-09-15 to 18 Staff Attended Lean Event
Intra City Travel 2014-08-08 Renting Space For Lean Event
Intra City Travel 2014-07-10 Meeting At Las
Intra City Travel 2014-07-07 And 2014-08-08 Obtaining Quotes For Office Furniture
Intra City Travel 2014-05-28 Case File Meeting
Intra City Travel 2014-05-01 Case File Meeting
Intra City Travel 2014-04-30 Delivering Equipment To Surplus And Las
Intra City Travel 2014-04-22 Case File Meeting
Intra City Travel 2014-04-02 Case File Meeting
Intra City Travel 2014-09-20 Pick Up Supplies
Conference 2014-10-28 FPT
Conference 2014-06-08 ARMA
Conference 2014-06-04 Saskatchewan Connections
Conference 2014-06-01 e-Health
Conference 2014-05-16 MLT Labour Update


Workshop 2013-11-06 MLT Workplace Investigations
Presentation 2013-09-26 MLA Constituency Assistants
Presentation 2013-09-23 MLA Constituency Assistants
Intra Province Travel 2013-12-09 Case File Meeting
Intra City Travel 2014-01-14 Case File Meeting
Conference 2013-12-02 Capa
Conference 2013-10-10 Privacy And Access 20/20
Conference 2013-10-08 SAHRP
Conference 2013-10-08 FPT
Conference 2013-09-27 CBA Access To Information And Privacy Law Symposium
Conference 2013-09-23 International Conference Of Information Commissioners
Conference 2013-06-13 Access And Privacy
Conference 2013-06-11 Saskatchewan Connections
Conference 2013-06-04 Labour Update
Conference 2013-05-29 Investigators Workshop
Conference 2013-05-27 e-health
Conference 2013-05-14 WChips
Conference 2013-02-05 Privacy And Security


Workshop 2012-05-28 Personal Excellence For Women
Presentation 2013-02-06 Canadian Industrial Relations Association
Presentation 2012-11-07 Johnson Shoyama School
Intra Province Travel 2012-08-03 Case File Meeting
Intra Province Travel 2012-07-20 Case File Meeting
Intra Province Travel 2012-07-10 Case File Meeting
Intra City Travel 2012-06-12 Case File Meeting
Conference 2013-02-06 Privacy And Security
Conference 2012-11-26 FPT
Conference 2012-10-17 Health Information Privacy And Security Summit
Conference 2012-09-14 Access To Information And Privacy Law Symposium
Conference 2012-09-04 FPT
Conference 2012-06-19 Saskatchewan Connections
Conference 2012-06-13 Access and Privacy
Conference 2012-05-27 e-health
Conference 2012-04-30 wchips
Conference 2012-04-26 Labour Update
Conference 2012-04-17 ARMA
Conference 2011-10-16 SAHRP


Presentation 2011-11-09 Prince Albert Area
Presentation 2011-11-04 Sask Medical Association
Presentation 2011-10-12 Niro
Presentation 2011-09-19 Forum On Privacy Law And Compliance
Presentation 2011-07-13 Weyburn Public Library
Intra City Travel 2011-04-18 Case File Meeting
Intra City Travel 2011-02-17 Case File Meeting
Intra City Travel 2011-02-10 Case File Meeting
Inter City Travel 2011-09-19 Case File Meeting
Conference 2012-02-03 CBA Mid Winter Meeting
Conference 2011-11-30 IPACC
Conference 2011-10-31 International Data Protection And Privacy Commissioners
Conference 2011-10-26 SAHRP
Conference 2011-10-03 Information Commissioners
Conference 2011-08-20 National Information And Privacy Commissioners
Conference 2011-06-15 Access And Privacy
Conference 2011-05-17 Labour Update
Conference 2011-04-20 Health Care Quality Summit


Workshop 2011-02-09 Workplace Bullying
Presentation 2011-02-15 CBA
Presentation 2011-02-04 CBA
Presentation 2010-10-16 Constituency Assistants
Presentation 2010-10-13 Independent Officers Presentation 2010-09-24 HIM
Presentation 2010-04-13 PAPRHA
Intra Province Travel 2010-09-08 Case File Meeting
Intra Province Travel 2010-05-25 Case File Meeting
Conference 2011-02-20 Healthcare Information And Management Systems
Conference 2011-02-17 Privacy And Security
Conference 2010-11-15 Privacy And Information Security
Conference 2010-10-06 Arms
Conference 2010-09-28 Saskatchewan Connections
Conference 2010-09-19 Privacy And Access
Conference 2010-08-30 National Information And Privacy Commissioners
Conference 2010-06-09 Access And Privacy
Conference 2010-05-11 Labour Update


Presentation 2008-05-13 Career And Employment Services Forum
Presentation 2009-03-21 Saskatchewan College Of Pharmacists
Presentation 2009-03-11 Document Retention And Destruction
Presentation 2009-02-10 Niro
Presentation 2009-01-29 Alberta Law Conference
Presentation 2008-11-27 U of S
Presentation 2008-11-25 CBA
Presentation 2008-05-26 Association Of Law Libraries
Presentation 2008-05-21 Consumer Association FO Canada
Presentation 2008-04-28 Lakeland Library
Presentation 2008-04-18 Open Door Society
Presentation 2008-04-23 Arma
Presentation 2008-04-08 CRHA
Intra Province Travel 2009-01-21 Case File Meeting
Intra Province Travel 2009-01-20 Case File Meeting
Intra Province Travel 2008-11-25 Case File Meeting
Intra Province Travel 2008-04-21 Case File Meeting
Intra Province Travel 2008-04-08 Case File Meeting
Intra Province Travel 2008-04-02 Case File Meeting
Conference 2009-06-17 Access And Privacy GD
Intra City Travel 2008-06-23 Case File Meeting
Conference 2009-02-17 Investigators Workshop
Conference 2009-01-18 Privacy Compliance West
Conference 2008-10-21 Prairie Health Information Privacy
Conference 2008-10-15 International Data Protection And Privacy Commissioners
Conference 2008-06-17 Access And Privacy Am


Below are the IPC’s policies as filed with the Board of Internal Economy. These will be updated when changes are made.

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