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Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner Tables 2022-2023 Annual Report

June 26, 2023

Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ronald J. Kruzeniski, K.C., has tabled his office’s 2022-2023 Annual Report: Data, with the Legislative Assembly.

In his report, the Commissioner focuses on data and the issues that arise as a result of the creation and/or assembling of data. Given the current technological state of the world, vast amounts of data can be found online. As a result, we need to be conscientious about providing the least amount of information as possible and insisting that it only be used for its intended purpose.

“Each time we do a search on the internet, go to a website, log into an account, purchase something online, check our bank balance or post a blog or video, we create data and add to the content on the internet.”

With so much information about us available online, it is a pivotal time for privacy. It is imperative that we understand what we are consenting to, how our information will be used, to whom it will be disclosed and the potential risks involved.

We need to advocate for greater security; “it is not if a breach occurs, but when a breach occurs.” We need to ask ourselves if we are doing enough and need to get serious about employee training and increasing the security and protection of our databases. There is always more that can be done and being proactive is more important than ever.

The Commissioner’s 2022-2023 Annual Report which includes: accomplishments, goals for the future, a thorough statistical report and views on generating and safeguarding data can be viewed here.

A video containing the Commissioner’s comments on the Annual Report can be viewed here.

Media contact:

Julie Ursu, Manager of Communication
Telephone: 306-798-2260

Annual Report – 2022-2023

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