Federal Privacy Commissioner on Bill c-27 news release.

Report into the 2021 cyber attack on Newfoundland health information systems released.

Privacy Commissioner of Canada announced his office is launching a joint investigation into OpenAI

Federal Privacy Commissioner launches new guidance on workplace privacy

Cybersecurity: Best Practices for Setting Up a Security Operations Centre

Alberta IPC finds risk of significant harm from stolen server.

Updates to Chapter 3 for the Guide to FOIP and the Guide to LA FOIP are now available!

Steps for effectively deploying multi-factor authentication.

Concerns about AI

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March 14, 2023 - Danielle Serson, Manager of Administration

Managing Electronic Records

One of the many challenges an organization may face when transitioning from paper-based to electronic records is ensuring proper records management processes are in place. While paper records can be easily organized and stored while waiting for retention periods to be met, electronic records can take a bit more work. Our office has succeeded in... read more

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February 6, 2023 - Nicole Protz, Analyst

Privacy Education for Young People: Putting the Activities to the Test

Social media is constantly evolving and changing, with information being readily available on our mobile devices – if you can think of it, there is likely an app for that. In this digital age, our personal habits are extremely valuable for companies wanting to increase revenue. Individuals and businesses use our personal information to create... read more

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January 16, 2023 - Ron Kruzeniski, Information and Privacy Commissioner

Live Streaming a Public Meeting

The Legislative Assembly broadcasts its proceedings over the internet. Each word spoken by an MLA is recorded and published in Hansard. Hansard is available to the public. Similarly, committees of the Legislative Assembly are public, sometimes broadcasted and recorded in Hansard. Both video and text are available on the Legislative Assembly web site at (www.legassembly.sk.ca/). Committees can decide to... read more

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November 22, 2022 - Tristan Hungle, Director of Corporate Services

Cybersecurity Awareness

October was Cybersecurity awareness month in Canada. Cybersecurity is everyone within an organization’s responsibility, and a solid regime requires proper policies, procedures, technical safeguards, and training. Ask any cybersecurity expert, and they will tell you the single biggest risk to an organization’s systems and information is the people who already have access to it. A... read more

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