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Flip These Resources

January 9, 2023

Our office has been busy at work transforming the way our resources look to provide a more creative and interactive experience than a typical pdf. During the next several months, we will be replacing various pdf resources on our website with flipbooks. Don’t stress, you will still have the ability to access all our resources via pdf.

A flipbook has a variety of benefits over and above their visual appeal. There is the ability to include video, GIF’s, animation and even make your own notes.

Ugh, I need to learn when to stop talking and explaining and just show you. However, before I begin, if you require an accessible pdf version of the flipbook instructions, they can be found here Flip These Resources.

Otherwise, to see how the flipbook works, click on the book below and open to full screen by selecting the icon on the far right of the bottom toolbar.  Now, let’s get started…….

Flip These Resources

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