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March 18, 2021

Guidelines For Professional Regulatory Bodies

Transparency of discipline of members Guidelines for Professional Regulatory Bodies Discipline decisions, and other discipline related documents, published on the websites of professional regulatory bodies may contain sensitive personal information or personal health information, including information such as alleged wrongdoings, opinions about members, and physical and mental health information.  Professional regulatory bodies in Saskatchewan may... read more


March 18, 2021

Guidelines For Arbitrators In Saskatchewan

Balancing Openness and Transparency with the Protection of Personal Information and Personal Health Information Guidelines for Arbitrators in Saskatchewan The Role Of Arbitration Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution.  It is used to resolve legal disputes where a neutral party, an arbitrator or arbitration tribunal is engaged to come to a decision on a... read more


March 18, 2021

Data Matching

Data matching is an activity that enables organizations to aggregate, manipulate, sort, and analyze large and complex datasets that generate information useful to organizations. However, data matching can have significant impacts on privacy. This paper provides an overview of what data matching is, why current access and privacy legislation in Saskatchewan is inadequate in addressing... read more