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Sask. IPC Tables 2016-2017 Annual Report

June 21, 2017

Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ronald J. Kruzeniski, Q.C. has submitted his office’s 2016-2017 Annual Report to the Legislative Assembly. Kruzeniski stated:

“I will report on our achievements under the old plan but also outline our objectives under our new 3 year plan.”

And he also identified a number of issues faced when navigating in a digital world:

“From the stories around the world, the breaches, the damage to reputation and the costs to remedy a breach, there is no doubt that public bodies will be required to spend much more to safeguard the information they have collected from their citizens.”

As well, he indicated:

“My office has issued a document regarding data matching in the province of Saskatchewan. That paper outlines the meaning of the word, the benefits, the risks, a review of legislation in other countries and provinces, the inadequacies of current Saskatchewan legislation and the needs in the Saskatchewan environment.

I recommend the government of Saskatchewan propose and the Legislative Assembly consider a stand-alone Act dealing with data matching.”


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