Ontario Proposing Legislation To Better Protect Children

Sophisticated Cyber attacks on BC

Microsoft to make security a top priority

Ontario introduces cybersecurity bill

Ontario IPC probes government use of non-government email accounts

Federal Privacy Commissioner launches breach reporting tool

Ontario IPC issues guidelines on third party procurement

Sask. Privacy Commissioner asks for authority to compel compliance


November 22, 2017

Modern Age Severing Webinar

This webinar serves as a guide to redacting and paginating records electronically, when preparing them in response to access to information requests under FOIP, LA FOIP, or HIPA. by Sherri Fowler, Analyst and Deepa Pawar, Early Resolution Officer   read more


June 13, 2017

HIPA 101: Ambulance Services Webinar

This webinar provides a crash course for The Health Information Protection Act (HIPA). While the title is HIPA 101: Ambulance services, most of the information is general and applicable to all trustees subject to HIPA. by Diane Aldridge, Director of Compliance and Sherri Fowler, Analyst   read more


February 3, 2017

Proposals For Amendments to HIPA Webinar

An overview of the amendments to HIPA that the Commissioner proposed in his 2016 Annual Report. by Ron Kruzeniski, Information and Privacy Commissioner and Diane Aldridge, Director of Compliance Proposals for Amendments to HIPA PDF read more


February 3, 2017

LA FOIP 101 Webinar

An overview of The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LA FOIP), access requests, privacy breaches, the Information and Privacy Commissioner, and Balancing the Public and the Private. by Melanie Coyle, Analyst, Kayla Oishi, Analyst, and Steven Dribnenki, Policy and Legal Advisor for SUMA Slides for Presentation   read more