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March 18, 2021

Data Matching

Data matching is an activity that enables organizations to aggregate, manipulate, sort, and analyze large and complex datasets that generate information useful to organizations. However, data matching can have significant impacts on privacy. This paper provides an overview of what data matching is, why current access and privacy legislation in Saskatchewan is inadequate in addressing... read more


March 18, 2021

Privacy Tools

Developed by the Ministry of Justice Access and Privacy Branch, these tools are designed to assist in the management of privacy within government institutions and local authorities in Saskatchewan. View Privacy Tools read more


March 18, 2021

Yes, You Can

The Advocate for Children and Youth and the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan have worked together to develop this resource to clarify some common misunderstandings about privacy related to child protection and reporting. This resource aims to dispel the myths about sharing information with child protection workers and peace officers. Yes, You Can read more