Amendments to the FOIP Regulations

Chief Information Officer of Canada bans WeChat and Kaspersky applications from government-issued mobile devices

Ontario IPC investigates hospital breaches

Toronto Public Library breach

Federal public servants information breached

Ontario IPC issues draft digital charter for schools

Federal Commissioner posts personal information glossary

Federal Treasury Board Data Theft-OPC investigates

Spyware used by 13 federal agencies

BC Law Society issues guidance on Generative AI


March 18, 2021

Request for Review Forms

Request for Review Forms FOIP Request for Review Form (for government institutions) LA FOIP Request for Review Form (for local authorities) HIPA Request for Review Form (for trustees) Please note: It is our office’s preference that Requests for Review are submitted by email to: You can also submit your Request for Review by mail or in-person to: Saskatchewan Information and... read more


March 18, 2021

Guidelines For Arbitrators In Saskatchewan

Balancing Openness and Transparency with the Protection of Personal Information and Personal Health Information Guidelines for Arbitrators in Saskatchewan The Role Of Arbitration Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution.  It is used to resolve legal disputes where a neutral party, an arbitrator or arbitration tribunal is engaged to come to a decision on a... read more


March 17, 2021

Decisions of Administrative Tribunals – How Much is Too Much?

Decisions of Administrative Tribunals The proceedings of administrative tribunals often involve sensitive issues such as alleged wrongdoings, traumatizing incidents, and as a consequence disclose personal information. By publishing decisions or notices to the internet, administrative tribunals are attempting to demonstrate their public accountability and be transparent in their decision making process. Though the practice is... read more