LA FOIP Sound Bytes – Q & A Webinars for Cities, Towns, Villages, Rural Municipalities, etc.


by Melanie Coyle, Analyst and Tristan Hungle, Early Resolution Officer

Part 1: Questions – 1) Publishing utility information 2) Personal information in a report about an adverse event

LA FOIP Sound Sound Bytes 1 Slides

Part 2: Questions – 1) Installing video surveillance 2) Credit card payment through website

LA FOIP Sound Bytes 2 Slides

Part 3: Questions – 1) Audio recording from in camera council meeting 2) Confidential letters from citizens

LA FOIP Sound Bytes 3 Slides

Part 4: Questions – 1) Personal e-mail 2) Information of elected officials 3) Accessing information from the Government of Saskatchewan

LA FOIP Sound Bytes 4 Slides

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