LA FOIP Foundations Webinar Series: Access and Privacy Tips for Local Authorities


The following four webinars were hosted by the IPC from February 1 to 4, 2021 to assist participants in applying LA FOIP to real life situations.

Webinar 1 – LA FOIP 101: Clarifying the Act for Beginners

This session provides a quick overview of LA FOIP. It is targeted to those who are new to the freedom if information world but it is also a good refresher for those who have been working in the access and privacy area for a while.

Slides from this presentation can be found here: LA FOIP 101: Clarifying the Act for Beginners

Presented by:
Diane Aldridge, Executive Director of Compliance, IPC
Deepa Pawar, Analyst, IPC

Webinar 2 – Municipal Sector: Practical Tips and Tricks

This session is designed for municipalities, cities, towns, villages and rural and northern municipalities. It includes a discussion on access and privacy issues affecting municipalities and provides tips and tricks to help you navigate the access and privacy world.

Presented by:
Michael Morris, Q.C., Director, Legal Services, SARM
Bukola Afolabi, Legal Services Advisor, Municipalities of Saskatchewan
Colleen Christopherson, Manager, Advisory Services, Ministry of Government Relations
Aaron Orban, Executive Director, Access and Privacy Branch, Integrated Justice Services

Webinar 3 – Education Sector: Practical Tips and Tricks

This session is designed for employees of school divisions. You will learn about access and privacy problems that school divisions are wrestling with and ideas on how to solve those problems.

Presented by:
Rob Currie, Former Deputy Minister of Education
Geraldine Knudsen, Solicitor, Saskatchewan School Boards Association
Clint Reddekopp, Learning Superintendent, Prairie Spirit School Division

Webinar 4 – Police Services: Practical Tips and Tricks

This session is targeted to employees of police services. It includes a discussion of relevant and timely access and privacy issues and provides suggestions on how to deal with those issues.

Presented by:
Rick McKenna, Superintendent, Moose Jaw Police Service
Ashley Smith, Director of Legal Services, Saskatoon Police Service

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