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Resources - Amendment (HIPA)/Right of Correction (FOIP/LA FOIP)

Amendment (HIPA)/Right of Correction (FOIP/LA FOIP) FAQ

I don’t like something that is written about me in my file, what do I need to know when requesting an amendment?

An individual can request that an amendment be made to his/her personal information or personal health information if there is an error or an omission. An error is a mistake or something is wrong or incorrect. An omission means that something is missing, left out or overlooked. Regarding a request for an amendment, an applicant must initially provide some argument to support the request for amendment. A request for correction must, at a minimum:

  • Identify the personal information/personal health information the applicant believes is in error. It must be the personal information/personal health information of the applicant and not of a third party.
  • The alleged error must be a factual error or omission.
  • The request must include some evidence to support the allegation of error or omission. Mere assertions will not suffice.
  • The proposed correction must be clearly stated and cannot be a substitution of opinion.


For further information regarding amendments and/or right of correction, please refer to section 40 of HIPA, section 31 of LA FOIP and section 32 of FOIP.