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March 19, 2015 - Lori Sabiston, Acting Senior Access and Privacy Consultant, Access and Privacy Branch, Ministry of Justice

Upcoming Saskatchewan Connections Conference 2015

In my role as Acting Senior Access and Privacy Consultant with the Access and Privacy Branch, Ministry of Justice, I often get to take part in interesting and exciting opportunities. For example, I am a member of the Working Group who has developed the Agenda for the 2015 Saskatchewan Connections Conference, which will be held... read more

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March 9, 2015 - Wayne MacDonald, Chair, 2015 Access and Privacy Conference

University of Alberta’s 2015 Access and Privacy Conference Hits Another Home Run!

The Faculty of Extension’s annual national access and privacy conference is recognized across Canada as the best conference of its kind! 2015 marks the thirteenth year that the University of Alberta is delivering its award winning conference format. This year’s conference is scheduled for June 10th, 11th and12th and will be held at the Marriott... read more

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March 4, 2015 - Chantal Bernier, LL.B., LL.M, Dentons Canada LLP, former Interim Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Senior fellow, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa

ISO/IEC 27018 Standard for Privacy on the Cloud – The Meaning for Public Bodies

Thanks to the foresight of Jennifer Stoddard, then Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) was a significant contributor to the drafting of ISO/IEC Standard 27018 – A Code of Practice for PII protection in public clouds acting as PII processors. The Standard was adopted on April 25, 2014.... read more

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February 27, 2015 - Kayla Oishi, Early Resolution Officer and Sharon Young, Analyst

‘Need-to-Know’ in the Workplace: When is it Crossing the Line?

Here at the IPC, we deal with a lot of phone calls from the public about various topics. Lately there seems to be a reoccurring pattern that we feel needs to be addressed: managers/supervisors requesting too much information when an employee is away from the office due to illness (or other medical-related reasons). Situations like... read more

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