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With a little help from our friends…

April 17, 2020 - Sharon Young, Analyst

Our friends from oversight offices from other provinces and territories have developed some helpful guidance documents to work through issues that are arising from this outbreak of COVID-19. Below is a list of some of these resources.

These resources are a great starting point when working through some of the access and privacy issues we may be coming up against as we go through this pandemic. However, please keep in mind that while Saskatchewan’s access and privacy legislation is similar to the legislation in other provinces and territories, there are differences as well. Therefore, double-check with your organization’s Privacy Officer for Saskatchewan-specific requirements when working through these access and privacy issues!

Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner

Alberta’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

British Columbia’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Newfoundland’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

We are working on a Pandemic Binder which will have a collection of statements and blogs that have been issued by our office. We think it is important to have in one spot a collection of issues that are arising during this pandemic.

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