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Updates to Chapter 3 for the Guide to FOIP and the Guide to LA FOIP are now available!

May 30, 2023 - Alyx Larocque, Executive Director of Research, Policy & Compliance

Updates to Chapter 3 for the Guide to FOIP and the Guide to LA FOIP are now available! Chapter 3 is all about access to records. The standard updates that were completed include:

  • Fixing minor errors (typos, grammatical errors etc.); and
  • Adding some new IPC Findings where relevant.

Some new sections were also added to the Guides which provide additional guidance on processing access to information requests. These new sections are:

  • Name of Applicant is Personal Information
  • Reason for Request Not Relevant
  • Questions in Access to Information Requests
  • Verifying Identity
  • Requests Not on “Form A”

There is also new guidance on searching for records.  These new sections are:

  • Searching Records of Employees
    • Government Records in Personal Email Accounts
    • Personal Records in Government Email Accounts
  • Creating Records

Under Section 6 of both Guides, the following updates are noteworthy:

  • New definition for “sufficient particularity” under subsection 6(1)(b)
  • New section added called “Clarifying vs Narrowing”

Under Section 12 of both Guides, there is an important addition about compliance with subsection 12(3) of FOIP/LA FOIP being necessary in order for compliance with subsections 12(1) or 12(2) of FOIP/LA FOIP being considered.

Subsection 59(d) of FOIP and 49(d) of LA FOIP have been updated to reflect changes to The Children’s Law Act, 2020.

In terms of progress, we are currently updating Chapter 4 of both Guides and hope to have the updated versions available on our website within the next month or two.

If you have any questions or feedback on the Guides, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me at



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