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Use the following tools to search IPC Reports. Please note that these tools replace the annotated section indexes.
The gavel symbol indicates when a decision of the public body was appealed to the Court of Queen’s Bench. The corresponding decision will also appear.

How to search

Use the search box and/or drop down filters below to search IPC reports. Use one or multiple filters at the same time. Please note that the section, subsection and clause filters are dependent on the legislation filter and each other.

The filters and search box work together. For example, if the filters are used to narrow a search down to 10 reports, any term entered into the search box will only search those 10 reports. Use the “Clear Search” button to start a new search.

Please note these filters search IPC Reports only. To search other documents on our website, use the search function found in the grey bar at the top of the page.

Search Tips

If you are seeing too many results, try wrapping your “exact phrase” in quotes to get an exact match.

Still not finding what you are looking for?

Canlii offers additional browsing and searching of IPC reports. Please visit this link to Canlii. Please find links to Federal, Provincial and Territorial IPC pages here.

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