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July 4, 2019 - Ron Kruzeniski, Information and Privacy Commissioner

Sharon Young has been busy in our office, but has taken time to update our dictionary. The following terms have been added or updated:

Accurate means careful; precise; lacking errors. Further, it means the organization must provide the applicant with sufficient and correct information about the access process and how decisions are made. See SK IPC Review Report 040-2019 at paragraph [44].

Adversely affect   Refers to hurt, injury or impairment to the detection, investigation, prevention or prosecution of an offence or the security of a centre of lawful detention. See subsection 15(1)(a) of FOIP; Or, to adversely affect is to have unfavourable or negative impacts or to impair in some way. See subsection 14(1)(a) of FOIP.

Complete means having all its parts; entire; finished; including every item or element; without omissions or deficiencies; not lacking in any element or particular.  Further, it means the information from an organization must be comprehensive and not leave any gaps in its response to an applicant’s access to information request.  An organization should provide all the necessary details to enable an applicant to understand how a decision was reached. See SK Review Report 040-2019 at [45].

Open means to be honest, forthcoming and transparent. Where a decision is made to not provide an applicant with all or part of a record, an organization should provide reasons for the refusal in an upfront and informative manner. Being open would also include explaining to an applicant other things such as: how and why a decision was made, how responsive records were searched for, any additional information necessary to explain something found in the record that is believed to be confusing; how a fee is calculated; and creating when a record when appropriate. See SK IPC Review Report 040-2019 at paragraph [43].

Reasonable effort is what a fair and rational person would expect to be done or would find acceptable and helpful in the circumstances See SK IPC Review Report 040-2019 at paragraph [42].

Check out the full dictionary here, or download the PDF below.




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