New Resources! Alleged Privacy Breach Reporting Forms

April 13, 2020 - Monique Meister, HIMS Practicum Student

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) has developed two new forms to assist public bodies and complaints/witnesses with reporting alleged breaches of privacy to our office. These forms ask for information to report the alleged breach of privacy and do not replace the investigation details the IPC will need if a file is opened.

The Alleged Privacy Breach Reporting Form for Affected Individuals/Complainants shows citizens what information the IPC would need, like contact information, breach description, and the type of information involved. It also explains what is considered a privacy breach. Citizens are encouraged to call or email the office if they have any concerns and/or questions. The form does encourage the complainant to resolve the privacy breach first with the public body before filing a complaint with the IPC.

The Proactively Reported Breach of Privacy Reporting Form for Public Bodies is for organizations who would be recognized as government institutions, local authorities and trustees. It is to assist public bodies with the details our office is looking for when the public body proactively reports a privacy breach. This form has a list of information that you can fill out in order to get the investigation started, for example contact information, breach description, and type of information.

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