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Life as the New Privacy Commissioner of Canada

September 28, 2022 - Julie Ursu, Manager of Communication

Earlier this month Commissioner Ron Kruzeniski had the pleasure of inviting Phillipe Dufresne, as a guest speaker on Un-redacted, The Sask IPC podcast. Phillippe was appointed Privacy Commissioner of Canada in June 2022. During their conversation, Commissioner Dufresne invites us in for a sneak peek at what life has been like in the first three months of his term.

When asked whether he sees any particularly significant challenges to privacy facing the country he stated:

The challenge or the context is that technology is evolving very very quickly, and that’s exciting, that’s a good thing, and it offers tremendous potential for innovation and for improving the public interest. However, ensuring that we find the balance, the right balance in terms of using these innovations while protecting and promoting our fundamental right to privacy is challenging when the technology evolves so quickly.  

To hear more about his thoughts on the direction our country should take on digital identity and some of the challenges ahead, a link to this discussion can be found here.

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