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Learning about Digital ID

December 5, 2022 - Ron Kruzeniski, Information and Privacy Commissioner

I had the pleasure of discussing and learning about digital ID’s, some call digital credentials with Cosanna Preston-Idedia. Cosanna is the Vice President, Advisory Services for the Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada.

During our discussion, Cosanna provides insight into the current state of affairs with digital credentials internationally and in Canada.

“what we are trying to do in the digital space is say ‘ok, how do we take those physical documents and use them in the digital way that we can trust that the document is the right document, that we have confidence that we are showing it to the right person’, and that’s really what digital identity and digital credentials are trying to do…what we are trying to do, is create the digital equivalent of a government issued photo ID.”

If you would like to understand what this is all about, please give the podcast a listen here.


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