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March 29, 2022 - Julie Ursu, Manager of Communication

Recently our office requested the public’s assistance in making some changes to our website by posting a survey. Our goal was to make some changes that would ensure our visitors are getting the most of their experience when they visit our site, can access information in the most efficient way possible while also giving the site a fresh new look. We have collected the responses from the survey and will be implementing the remainder of the changes by the end of the month.

You may see some changes already occurring and may be asking yourself what changes you can expect and how they will impact the current navigation. Some of the changes you may already be noticing is that when filters are selected in our resource directory you can return to the previous page without having to re-enter your filters. You will also see a new category, Education at the top of the page. This will be where we advertise events put on by or involving our office as well as both internal and external training resources. Please note that our office does not endorse any specific training but may post various options/opportunities that we believe may be helpful in assisting the public in gaining a better understanding of current access and privacy issues.

The most exciting change that’s coming is our home page redesign. Don’t panic, although we are adding several new things to the page, it will still include the current navigation that you are used to with the drop downs at the top of the page and include a couple minor changes noted below. This new look will include icons for the items that get the most traffic to our site. In addition, we will be changing our what’s new category to include two lists; one list for all New Reports and one called New Communications which will include any newly published resources, blogs, podcasts, news and more.

The home page redesign will also include a new section called Keeping Saskatchewan Informed. This will be where you can find all the resources on how our office works at keeping citizens informed of any current access and privacy issues. We will have icons here for our blogs, podcasts, news, webinars and education. Again, you will be able to find the majority of these in the same places they have always been on our site, these new icons will just be a quicker way to navigate those common reasons people drop by our site and give our home page an updated look.

Lastly, we ask that you please be patient while we work on getting all the changes implemented and any tweaking that may be necessary. Some of the changes require some additional work that will be in progress over the coming weeks. These will include moving all the legislative guidance documents: IPC Guide to FOIP, IPC Guide to LA FOIP and IPC Guide to HIPA to their own tab called Guides in the navigation. There will also be an additional tab added to the  drop-down menu under Multimedia called Webinars. This is where we will be transferring all of our posted webinars to. Finally, we will be looking into any educational resources we have on our site that can be moved to the newly created Education tab and will be periodically adding to this over time.

Our office is hopeful that the modernization of our website will optimize the public’s experience navigating our site while providing a variety of relevant high-quality content.

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