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Exs Beware!

May 16, 2018 - Melanie Coyle, Analyst

The Commissioner has recently issued two investigation reports where employees of a trustee snooped in the personal health information of their ex’s new partners. In both cases, the Commissioner found that the employees did not receive privacy training.

It is understandable that emotions can run high following a break up.  The urge to find out what is happening with a former partner can be almost overwhelming.  This is especially true when the welfare of a common child is involved.  However, snooping, no matter what the situation is, can land employees in hot water with their employers.  In many cases, snooping can lead to disciplinary procedures and some public bodies have a zero tolerance policy to snooping.  In addition, there are offence provisions in The Health Information Protection Act (HIPA).  If the conditions are right, an employee could face a $50,000 fine or a year imprisonment.

So if you ever feel the temptation to snoop on an ex, think about your obligation and the consequences. Don’t let a bad break up affect your life more than it already has.

Investigation Report 320-2017

Investigation Report 066-2018

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