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Annual Report tabled today

June 28, 2022 - Ron Kruzeniski, Information and Privacy Commissioner

I am pleased to have tabled my 8th Annual Report with the Honorable Randy Weekes, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.  In that report, I focus on four issues.

The first is the need for a Saskatchewan digital ID. I encourage this with certain understandings.

Second, I discuss Virtual Health Care platforms and ten suggested considerations for health care providers and patients to consider.

Third, I repeat the call for changes to prevent so many misdirected faxes.

Finally, I summarize the recommendation for legislative changes to access and privacy legislation.

If you think I am the only commissioner focused on digital issues in their province, I note the Annual Report of the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner discussing “Setting the cornerstones of a digital Ontario”.

I discuss these issues in a news release and a video posted today. Our office authorizes the use of quotes, excerpts and/or clips of the video, in part or in whole for relevant media coverage regarding our Annual Report.

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