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About - Access to Information

Access to Information FAQ

I want to obtain information about the latest public sector program, how do I make an access request? How long do I have to wait for the information?

You first need to fill out an Access to Information Request Form, found on our website and submit it to the appropriate public body:

  • Requests to Provincial Government Institutions: send the request to the appropriate office in the ministry you are seeking information from. For a complete list of access and privacy officers for each provincial government institution please contact the Access and Privacy Branch within the Ministry of Justice at 306-787-5473 or
  • Requests to a local authority (i.e. Saskatchewan Health Authority, school divisions, cities, police services or towns): send the request to the head office of each public body so that the request can be forwarded to the appropriate team or individual. If you are still unsure of where to send your request, you may contact our office and we can point you in the right direction.

Please note that access requests do not have to be made on a form. In other words, an access request can be in the form of an email, but must include all of the elements listed on the form.

Once the public body has received your request it has 30 days to respond. If your request is for a large amount of records, or requires a substantial amount of time to process, the public body may extend your request an additional 30 days; you should be provided with notice from the public body of any extension of time needed.

For your information, access to information does not require the public body to answer questions or create new records that do not already exist at the time the access request is made.

For more information on how to submit an Access to Information Request, please click here.

I have asked my doctor for my medical record; they have yet to provide it to me. What should I do?

You can make your request for your medical record verbally. However, if you are having issues receiving your medical record, we recommend making a written request or submitting a formal Access to Information Request Form available on the Forms tab on our website.

If you have made a formal request and it has been 30 days or more without a response, attempt to contact the public body or trustee to whom you made your request. If that is unsuccessful, please contact our office for a follow-up: 306-787-8350 or toll free at 1-877-748-2298.

I am a small public body and I have received my first freedom of information request or privacy complaint ever! Where can I find help?

Receiving your first formal freedom of information request or privacy complaint can be overwhelming. Certainly you may contact our office at 306-787-8350 or 1-877-748-2298 for assistance or by taking a look at some of our Resources available on the Resources tab on our website.

The Access and Privacy Branch of the Ministry of Justice can also help. The Access and Privacy Branch:

  • Plays a leadership role on access and privacy in government;
  • Provides or supports training and awareness of access and privacy within government and local authorities; and
  • Provides privacy and access officers in government and local authorities with tools (e.g. guidelines, checklists, etc.) to help with compliance and consistency.

To learn more about the Access and Privacy Branch contact 306-787-5473 or email