A New, Improved Exemptions Guide

June 13, 2019 - Ron Kruzeniski, Information and Privacy Commissioner

When I was appointed to this office, I had a desire to provide citizens and public bodies with as much consistency as was possible. That involved a consistent procedure, now reflected in our Rules of Procedure, consistent format for reports and a consistent approach in what my office would be looking for when doing a review or investigation, the Exemptions Guide. That Guide was first released in the spring of 2015.  And has been updated from time to time, but the number of court decisions, developments across the country and reports issued by my office, has dictated a major updating.  The updating project has started and is in the hands of the original author, Alyx Larocque, Analyst.

Some changes will occur.  First it will be split in two and the titles will change to “A Guide to FOIP” and “A Guide to LAFOIP”.   Each will be divided into chapters and each chapter will be accessible directly from the website.  There will be more extensive footnoting showing where a particular statement or test came from.

Each chapter will be posted as completed, so please watch our website over the summer months.  Of course, we will tweet when a new chapter is added.

I need to emphasize, this is a guide intended to help you as you prepare a representation or submission to our office.  It is not cast in stone, but hopefully gives you a good idea of what my office is looking for or what kind of questions my office will ask.

As always, once the guides are posted, if you think we can improve on the wording, tests or principles, just email Alyx Larocque at

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